Revolutionary World Of Mobile Handsets

Gone are the days when mobile meant making and receiving calls, or text messaging alone. We are in the age where a mobile phone is more of a status quo; it sure decides how boring, interesting, professional or social you are! A mobile phone, especially when it first launched in India, was strictly for reaching people in an emergency situation. But come 2010, none of us have a landline number at home, unless of course our parents insist on having one. We do not even believe in asking our friends and colleagues for their landline numbers anymore, because we are available on our personal cell phone mobile numbers 24*7, any time. Why then would you bother about a landline?

Ever wondered what an amazing device a mobile phone can be and how much it has evolved over the last decade! Not only can your Mobile Handset connect you to the world through calls and SMSes, but you can access websites on your mobile too. There has been a revolution in the world of gadgets, where a mobile phone has become a smart phone. Why do we call it that; because of the extensive features that it can support. You can make a call, send an SMS, surf the internet, download songs and images, send emails, and operate GPS on your handsets, play games, watch videos, set alarms and reminders for important dates and events, check into places on Google maps, et al. Sky is the limit when we talk of mobile today.

Initially when we thought of a mobile phone, it was a synonymous to Nokia Handsets. Our world revolved around the features offered by Nokia and nothing else seemed good enough. Today, there are over a hundred different brands offering mobile handsets in the market, and each one is better than the other. If you were quizzed to think of prominent mobile phone brands, you can remember HTC mobile, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Samsung mobile, Sony Ericsson, LG, Videocon, Micromax Mobile, Nokia, Fly, to name a few. But there a hundred more brands in the market, thanks to the Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese manufacturers of mobile handsets.

What is more, the price ranges of mobile too have been considerably competitive. For instance, the features a Blackberry Smartphone can offer you at INR 20,000 will be available to you at a mere INR 5,000 all inclusive by Micromax mobile. That is how much the mobile market has evolved! And this is not all; mobile phones in the range of INR 100,000 are a rage for the rich and the famous!

It is no more a luxurious gadget to own; on the contrary, the costlier mobile you have the more savvy you are considered in your social circles. With the advent of social media networking, Windows mobile and 3G Handsets have become the talk of the town. Video conferencing is now taking over normal voice calling, and dedicated mobile messengers have taken over the ubiquitous Yahoo! Messenger. There are various mobile service providers, and the array of schemes they offer users is gargantuan. However, over the years it has been observed that CDMA services have lost out on their market share, and it is all about GSM mobiles now. Most mobile phones offered by China market are dual sim phones that allow you to use two sim cards at the same time; which means you can be present at more places than one all at the same time!

How much more can we expect the Telecommunication Industry to boom? Is there an end to this massive business? Can it get more humongous than this? Watch this space for more updates.