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iPhone is a really great device that has changed the way we use cell
phones. Yes, before the iPhone, cell phone technology was pretty great
but the iPhone is pushing the limits on what can be done with a cell
phone. You can pretty much do everything your computer can on the
iPhone, which includes surfing the Internet and downloading music movies
and games. The iPhone isn’t just a cell phone anymore; it’s turn into
one of the greatest multimedia devices.

The iPod is the thing that
started all of this. The iPod wasn’t the first mp3 player ever made,
but it definitely is the most successful. It was the first mp3 player
that changed people’s minds on how they get and listen to music.
Downloading and putting it on the iPod was so simple that anyone could
figure it out.

As technology progressed, the iPod was getting new
features. Probably the most popular feature added to the iPod is the
ability to watch video on it. You can download TV shows, music videos
and even movies strait to the iPod and watch them. This was perfect for
people who were on the go all the time but still wanted to be able to
catch their favorite TV show or movie.

Time progressed even more
and more features were added to the iPod. The ability to download and
play games on the iPod was a great added feature and got even better
when the iPhone was introduced. Using he touch screen is a much better
and easier way to play a game than using a tiny keypad. Gaming on the
iPhone is only going to get better.

Of course as technology
progresses, they way you can get downloads on the iPhone has changed.
People might not realize that they don’t have to use iTunes to download
content and files to the iPhone.

If you download a lot of things
to your iPhone, it might be a better idea to use a membership service.
At these kinds of places all you do is pay either a one time or monthly
fee and can download as much as you want.

Things can get expensive
if you are using iTunes and downloading movies a $10 a pop. It’s no
question though that these types of places are becoming very popular and
the fees to use them are incredibly affordable, especially when looking
at the alternative.