My Life is Sort of Crazy Now

I suppose that nearly everyone knows about me and the girl that I have been dating, it has been really interesting and sort of crazy. The girl is mostly interested in running her business, which is part of a restaurant empire started by her grandfather almost fifty years ago. They have all sorts of places, mostly Italian restaurants and pizzerias, really nice pizzerias with the real thing. This place has a big menu and a big price list too. At any rate she was crazy today because she needed to find drain cleaning in Essex county NJ and her usual guy was not in business for some reason. At any rate this was a real emergency and she was not about to close up just because the drain was clogged with grease or whatever. This is the time when I get in my car and go see my mom or something. I have to somehow make sure that she knows that this is where I am. The insane thing is that she is really jealous at the same time that it is quite obvious that she does not consider me a priority.

I can laugh about it really, because it does not make me crazy I do not think. At any rate she was ready to fight someone by the time she got home, but I just did not take the bait and that made her even madder. The whole thing is not sustainable, but for now I am living free in her house and saving my money. In fact I have been working beside her pool for the past few months and I go to eat a steak for free at her restaurant every morning. The kitchen guys call me the Tiger tamer, but I tell them that she has to be a tigress.