Facts About Pakistan Mobile Networks

Pakistan was created in 1948 after the British left the Indian Sub-continent. In 2010 the population is over 170 million making it the 6th most populated country in the world behind China, India, United States, Indonesia, and Brazil. The largest telecommunication company is the Pakistan Telecommunication Company also known as PTC that provides all the needs for local people and businesses.

In July 2010 the Pakistan increased the telecommunication tax which has resulted in prices for cheap calls to Pakistan having to be increased to 10 pence per minutes from UK. PTC now offers broadband services at a very cost effective rate.

Mobile Phone Networks in Pakistan include Ufone, Jazz also known as Mobilelink, Telenor Paktel Warid and SCO.

Ufone is by far the most popular one as it is operated by PTC. These days mobile plans include internet usage as well as the ability to check email on the go. Ufone has the best coverage across the whole of the country.

The second popular one is Mobilelink. They have great value call plans that enable even the poorest farmer to have a mobile in Pakistan.

The third one is Paktel now know as Zang as it is been taken over by a Chinese company.

All the mobile companies offer similar plans as they do in the UK. Plans now include SMS text messaging, voice mail, call forwarding and call waiting options. All these are additional extras. There are however website that offer Free SMS services to Ufone and Mobilelink mobile networks in Pakistan so this is another way to save money.